Distance Learning Training

Training is also available through our Distance Learning Department.

Distance learning is offered in two formats: client-hosted training and correspondence courses. Each option is explained in a drop down below.

For more information about Distance Learning call 780 581 2054 or e-mail dlearnfire@lakelandcollege.ca.

ETC is now offering dates for Municipal Firefighters to complete the S700 & S800 practical components after taking the theory through Distance Learning. More information can be found on our homepage feature story.

Client Hosted
Emergency services departments can conduct or host Emergency Training Centre courses for their members.

To apply for and conduct your own client-hosted training, please check out the steps on the client-hosted page and in the client-hosted handbook.
Correspondence Courses
Course descriptions in the calendar indicate whether a course is available by correspondence.

See the correspondence page for details on how to set up a course.

All courses offered by correspondence will begin on the first day of the month. Applications must be received by the 15th of the preceding month or the registration will be deferred to the next possible starting date. Students have eight weeks from the start date to complete their course, including the writing of the final examination.
Online Learning
Check all the details on how to do online learning and the online courses we offer on the online learning page.
Need a form?
All the forms you need can be found on our forms page.
Online EMT and Paramedic Courses
If you want more information about the new to Lakeland online paramedic and EMT courses, please contact Lisa. Also call her to arrange for a tour or to be a student for day
• Call toll-free 1 800 661 6490 ext. 8527
• Call direct in Vermilion at 780 853 8527
• Call or text her cell at 780 581 5789
• email Lisa Bush at lisa.bush@lakelandcollege.ca