Who We Are

Lakeland College’s Emergency Training Centre prepares firefighters and other emergency personnel to respond to all emergency events under all conditions. We teach core courses in firefighting and customized programs for client groups. We offer hands-on practical training with the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art training grounds in Canada and most of North America.

Our instructors teach from many years of work and leadership experience. We meet the NFPA Standards and beyond. And we teach and practice our motto: Live Ready.

The Alberta Fire School began over 50 years ago. In 1998, our neighbour Lakeland College welcomed “the fire school” as a faculty. Our name changed from fire, etc to the Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre (ETC).

We work with three client groups: pre-professional students, municipal fire services and industrial/business corporations. We train on-site at ETC or at a client’s workplace, as well as offering distance learning to individuals.

Pre-professional Core Programs

Our Emergency Services Technology (EST): Ten-month full-time core training in firefighting followed by specialization in fire or pre-hospital emergency services. Unique in Canada.

The Firefighter Training Program (FFTP): Twelve-week intensive training to NFPA Standard 1001 Firefighter Professional Qualifications. Runs several times a year.

Graduates of both programs will be eligible for internationally recognized certification from IFSAC and ProBoard.

Municipal and Industrial/Business training

We encourage members of municipal fire departments to upgrade their qualifications by taking a one-week course towards certification as officers or to specialize in areas such as rescue, investigation, airport, or industrial firefighting. Customized training is also developed for crews from industrial/business corporations, on-site at ETC or at the client’s workplace.

Contact us: 1 800 661 6490 or direct in Vermilion 780 853 5800